Comment Notre Région peut passer des Ténèbres à la Lumière

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1er Évènement – Après-midi de Formation                                    « Des Ténèbres à la Lumière »

  • Samedi 13 septembre 2014 de 14h à 19h30
  • Rendez-Vous organisé par Partenaires Pour la Moisson
  • Adresse : Salle Saint Marc 180 AV Napoléon III, 06000 Nice

« Vous, au contraire, vous êtes une race élue, un sacerdoce royal, une nation sainte, un peuple acquis, afin que vous annonciez les vertus de celui qui vous a appelés des ténèbres à son admirable lumière. » 1 Pierre 2 : 9

Que Le Seigneur lève Son armée!   Avec une équipe d’enseignants et d’intercesseurs. Les messages seront stratégiques pour vaincre les ténèbres qui envahissent  la France et préparer l’armée du Seigneur pour briser la puissance de l’ennemi dans nos propres vies personnelles et collectives.

Come and be touched by the supernatural, miracle-working power of the light of His presence! You will experience the teaching of the Word of God led by the Holy Spirit, powerful drama, music, and dance. Life is a journey of overcoming darkness and coming into the light of our true identity and destiny. Our desire is for you to be transformed by the light of His presence!

Avec pour invités des intercesseurs internationaux  (voir plus bas) ainsi que  Paul et Virginie Viglo de Saint-Etienne (organisateurs pour la France des rencontres avec Paul Wilbur et Churck Pierce à Lyon et Paris).

2ème Évènement – « nuit de prière pour notre région »

  • Samedi 13 septembre 2014 à 20h 30 à Nice
  • Rendez-Vous organisé par Partenaires Pour la Moisson
  • Adresse : Salle Saint Marc 180 AV Napoléon III, 06000 Nice

Avec pour invités des intercesseurs internationaux Paul et Virginie Viglo de Saint-Etienne (organisateurs pour la France des rencontres avec Paul Wilbur et Churck Pierce à Lyon et Paris).

3ème Évènement – AUTEL D’ADORATION au balcon de la côte d’azur

  • Dimanche 14 septembre 2014 de 10H30 à 16h
  • Rendez-Vous organisé par Partenaires Pour la Moisson
  • Adresse : Domaine des  Courmettes, Route des Courmettes, 06140 Tourrettes sur Loup
  • Apportez votre pique-nique et boissons

Prière au balcon de la Côte d’AzurComment s’y rendre : Cliquez sur Domaine de Courmettes







Times of Personal Ministry – Because we believe the Lord will prepare and stir the hearts of the people on Saturday, we would love to minister to your leaders or anyone who attends the conference (or others with whom you would like us to do prayer ministry). We would be available on Sunday for this purpose. We could meet with individuals, couples, or families.

Paul-VigloPaul Viglo est pasteur à Saint Etienne, organisateur des événements avec Paul Wilbur et Chuck Pierce à Paris, Lyon, Marseille en Mai 2013 et orateur lors de notre WE de novembre à Nice. Au mois de Janvier 2014, nous avons été invités par celui-ci à nous joindre à une fenêtre d’intercession de 40 jours. Dans la suite de cette fenêtre d’intercession, Paul et Virginie Viglo nous rendent visite avec leur équipe le samedi 13 septembre, et seront avec nous pour les 3 événemets, l’après-midi, le soir et le dimanche.
Suite à la vision que Paul a personnellement reçue au mois  de janvier 2014 concernant l’état de l’armée du Seigneur, Paul nous avait précisé qu’avec son assemblée à Saint-Etienne, ils avaient décidé de tenir un Tabernacle d’Adoration et d’Intercession pour le pays. Il ne s’agissait pas d’un Tabernacle 24/7 ; mais pendant chacun de ces 40 jours, se tiendrait un moment d’adoration et d’intercession sur le pays. 

Depuis des décennies, le Seigneur a établi des sentinelles sur ce pays de France. Des gens connus ou certains dans le plus grand secret, ont payé un grand prix ou continuent à le payer, pour que la face du Seigneur reste tournée vers notre nation. Grâce à nos différents ministères d’intercession et d’adoration, le Seigneur veille sur cette nation. En fait ces 40 jours se sont prolongés à travers de multiples initiatives jusqu’à ce jour dans la France entière, et au-delà de nos frontières.

Capture d'écran 2014-08-29 18.36.53Holly Smits is the founder and president of Forever Free Ministries and teaches adult classes at Gateway on Mount Zion Church. Her teaching, counseling, and prophetic prayer ministry has brought insight and freedom to those with life-controlling problems for over thirty years, throughout the U.S. and internationally. She has worked especially with addictions, women’s issues, and Biblical peacemaking in counseling. One of her greatest passions is to help people discover their unique identity and giftings in Christ and to fulfill their purpose and destiny in Him.  Holly celebrates 34 years of marriage with her husband, Ron. They have two adult children, Noelle and Tyler, and their home is in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Capture d'écran 2014-08-29 18.36.53Noelle Smits has just completed her undergraduate work at Oral Roberts University in the U.S., where she majored in French Education with a minor in English Literature. Noelle is part of the worship choir at GoMZ Church and loves to sing and lead worship in both French and English. One of her greatest desires is to integrate her passion for modern languages and international education with ministering, worship, and teaching the Word of God. Beginning in October, Noelle will be serving as an English teaching assistant at a high school in Mulhouse and a middle school in Sierentz for the 2014-15 school year.

Capture d'écran 2014-08-29 18.37.09Bruce and Judy McRae are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year and they praise God for the mighty work He has done in their lives and marriage. They are part of the leadership of Gateway on Mount Zion Church where they have served for eight years.  Judy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has helped people for 20 years recover from the traumas of living in a fallen world.  Both she and Bruce are passionate about helping believers become “Overcomers” – restoring true identity and living their full calling before a mighty God!

Gateway on Mount Zion Church is our home church located in Golden, Colorado – Paul Wilbur is closely associated with GoMZ and is one of our prophetic overseers. The pastors and leadership of Gateway have a passion to ignite, nurture, and release believers into their Kingdom destinies and raise up an army of worshippers who will release the manifested presence of God upon the earth. Our mission is to motivate and activate people to move away from the mindset of being a pew sitter to that of a world changer, to launch out in the power of the Holy Spirit and take their world for Christ.

Why we desire to come to Nice :

The Lord placed the city of Nice in our hearts as a result of our visit to the Cote d’Azur, Provence, and Paris last May, 2013, when we attended the Convocation Nationale d’Adoration et d’Intercession pour la France with Paul Wilbur.  We flew to Nice to spend a few days of rest and prayer in the area. Upon arrival at the Nice airport, Holly had an unusual and profound encounter with a Jewish lady at the rental car counter. She prayed to make contact with someone from the local Jewish community and began a conversation with her. Holly expressed her great love for the Jews and Israel, as well as America’s love for the Jews. The lady’s response was truly amazing. From that moment, Holly began praying for a way to touch the lives of the Jewish people in this region with the love and power of Jesus.

Following our visit to France, we began to build relationship with Pastor Paul and Virginie Viglo, and our prayer team in Colorado participated in the 40 Days of Worship and Intercession for France. During this time, we began to see different regions of France where we felt the Lord’s presence mightily at work. Our team has experienced God’s special presence in Nice, as well as His desire to reveal the reality of the One New Man and the power of His love to transform lives here. We have faith that the believers in Nice will awaken, rise up, and walk in a new Oneness with each other. We see the fulfillment of God’s plans, no longer thwarted!  Many new mantles of authority will be released as hearts are purified and souls are cleansed.

We learned that Nice was given the name of « Nikaia » in honor of a victory over the neighboring Ligurians (Nike is the Greek goddess of victory). We believe God is wanting to completely retake Nice as His own to where He will have the victory! It seems strategically and regionally very, very important.

A previous word which we sent

« Strategy –Galatians 5: 6 -16. We speak this entire passage of Truth over the Nice gathering. Each word of this passage is vital strategy for you at this time.

For Nice – God desires that the seasoned and elderly saints in the Nice region be invited and included in this conference, in your midst, and in the ministry that is happening there. For they shall impart supernatural blessings upon all who attend. They have been interceding for the harvest for years, and now is the time of fulfillment. They shall see the very answers to their prayers!! There will be an overflow of God’s joy in and through them!  Something will break in the Spirit realm as the older saints are activated – so that the captives in this region will be set free to come into the Kingdom and into Oneness in the body of Christ. For it is only together as One that we look and act like Jesus!

Lord, bring your precious ones into your war room, so they can receive the very strategies of heaven for this nation. As many believers are meeting in various places to receive instruction, we release God’s discernment of that which counts in Truth.  God is dismantling the thought processes that disagree with the truth of the One New Man, the Jewish people, the body of Christ. The Lord Jesus has already paid for this One New Man with His own blood.The One New Man exists now in heaven! It has already been accomplished in heaven!  You may feel weak and incapable of truly being the One New Man. You may feel imperfect and don’t know how this can really happen through you. But know this – His grace is made perfect in weakness. His grace is relentless towards you!!  The work has already been done in the heavens!! See what the Lord has done and call forth that which is in heaven to earth, to Nice, to France!  See what I see and know what I know, says the Lord!  Believe and call forth what you see!

We see a couple distinct regions in France of revival and repentance.

The Lord’s righteous right hand is sweeping across France, bringing His righteousness in love. It appears to be moving from left to right, even from theBordeaux region,through Provence, into Nice and Monaco, and across the nation.Revival comes in an instant – as God Himself releases it!!  We hear and speakMalachai 3:3 – “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; He will purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness.” Refiner’s fire amongst the priests, in Bordeaux and across the nation! »